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Whatever may be the problem with your laptop motherboard, Microvision technologies can solve it. A faulty or damaged laptop motherboard can display numerous problems.


The most frequent of them is to show no sign of activity which can be a result of malfunction of a simple resistor or a major component.

We are small, but leading company of repairing computer related items, even in chip level for you at reasonable charges.

Most company in top level do not carry out trouble shooting in fine chip level as it is time consuming.What they do normally is, remove the defective part totally and charge for the whole unit .Therefore you might feel that it is worth to purchase as a new machine then go for a high cost repair.but remember that the fault may be due to small resistor,which would cost only 50 cents !

We have more than 07 year hands-on experience in following areas with well expertise technicians.

What we repairs
  • All kind of Laptops
  • LCD / LED Monitors
  • Desktop Computers
  • Multimedia projectors
  • plasma LCD/LED/3D & smart TV
  • Software installation /Trouble Shooting

Our repairs are unique as we are the only people who undertake the replacement of Nvidia Chip and the
North Bridge IC ,on laptop mother boards for first time in
Sri Lanka.

As we know the modern trend of monitor technology is LCD.
But we are sure that it is rare to find a specialists in LCD monitors in Sri Lanka.We have our own experience in troubleshooting various types of LCD monitors and we ensure that we can repair them for you.

Experiencing problems with your Laptop,Desktop Computer, TV/DVD or LCD ?Then don't in two minds , come to the right place. See the difference of our services. Nvidia Chip level repair in Sri Lanka .laptop repair in Sri Lanka


We quickly identify the faulty parts on your laptop motherboard such as a bad capacitor, bad voltage regulator chip, bad BGA chip, integrated circuits, connectors, transistors,senor diodes, resistors etc
and replace them with new ones. We are highly skilled in providing laptop motherboard repair for almost all makes and models